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Supporting Children through Separation

Worldwide the divorce rates are rising causing millions of children around the globe to face...

Biological Powerhouse

As we celebrate this Women’s Month, we exult the remarkable women who are trailblazers in their respective fields – occupying their spaces and setting the standard.

Our Country is Burning

Our country is burning. With anger and fear mostly. Not with the power of our convictions or a passion to do good or passion for things we care about but pure anger and fear.

The Naked Truth about Bullying

It is said that courage can be compared to fire and bullying can be compared to smoke. Bullying is a phenomenon that is elusive, conniving and hard to define properly because times change and so do means by which to inflict harm upon others.

Father’s Rights

There are many types of fathers and many types of fatherhood . There are biological fathers, social fathers, gay fathers, straight fathers, young fathers, older fathers. We have self-identified fatherhood, ascribed fatherhood, long-distance fatherhood and proximal fatherhood, to name only a few.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Divorce Mediation

Advantages of divorce mediation Divorce and/or family mediation has numerous advantages for...

Divorce Mediation and South African court cases

Divorce processes and the dissolution of marriage in South Africa is regulated by our Divorce Act...

Ethics and Mediation

Mediation is becoming a vital part of family legal problem solving and is creating new challenges...

Child Abuse Information

CHILD ABUSE INFORMATION There is a lot of confusion about the reporting of child abuse.  It is...

Mediation Information

1. Mediation Co-parenting starts the day the decision is made to separate has been made. Even the...

Challenges Facing Social Workers in South Africa

The South African government has prioritised of children's issues and has protected children's...

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