It was a mutual passion for “making a difference” with regards to socio-economic circumstances across our continent that became the theme of conversations between Melanie and Jessica.


Melanie an Attorney specialising in Family Law and Mediation has ignited the idea of “making a difference” and empowering people in need. Jessica, a masters degree holder in Industrial Psychology, shared Melanie’s vision for “making a difference”.


As subject matter experts in their respective fields they decided to develop a user friendly platform that could address needs within the Social Service Sector. The objective was to present affordable training and to provide a forum to serve as a support platform where professionals can exchange knowledge.


With the founding of Training and Mediation Solutions Africa our dream of transforming lives is about to become a reality.


Training and Mediation Solutions Africa is a CPD Accredited, Other Accredited and Skills Development Training Company. We are passionate about education, serving the Social Service Sector with support to the individual.

To make a difference through education by providing accessible training to all Social Service Professionals.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”  – Kofi Annan

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Maimonides


To provide:

  • High quality affordable training supported by a user friendly and accessible platform,
  • A support forum where individuals can interact and exchange best practise ideas.

“Each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.” Dr. Cornel West

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